About Us

The Princeton-Bucharest Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy was established in 2001 by Dana Jalobeanu (University of Bucharest), Vlad Alexandrescu (University of Bucharest) and Dan Garber (Princeton University). For the next two decades, we met every summer in the mountains of Transylvania and the seminar evolved into an institution, with a reputation for both academic rigor and cordiality. In recent years, we were co-sponsored by the Philosophy Department at Princeton and the Institute for Research in the Humanities (ICUB) at the University of Bucharest.

When our 2020 meeting was canceled due to the pandemic, we decided to move online. We started a weekly series on Tuesdays. We meet on Zoom for two hours and broadcast on YouTube, to make it more accessible to people in different time zones. We had sessions for summer & fall 2020 and for spring & fall 2021. We have managed to build a community around the online version of our seminar and we hope to continue in spring 2022.

A more detailed history of the Princeton-Bucharest Seminar, including the programs of past editions, is available on this page. You can watch Dan Garber give a history of the conference at the 2018 edition here and read a piece on how we transitioned online during the pandemic here.