FALL 2021

Every Tuesday from 1PM ET. Add us to your Google Calendar here.

Sep 14th: Anita van der Bos (University of Groningen) & Michael Jacovides (Purdue University): panel on John Locke

Sep 21st: Marina Banchetti (Florida Atlantic University), Michelle DiMeo (Othmer Library) & William Eaton (Georgia Southern University): panel on Robert Boyle

Sep 28th: Manuel Fasko (University of Basel), Lauren Slater (Birkbeck College), Peter West (Durham University), panel chair: Patrick Connolly (Lehigh University): Theories of Mental Representation in Early Modern Philosophy

Oct 5th: Clara Carus (Paderborn University), Anne-Lise Rey (Université Paris Nanterre) & Aaron Wells (Paderborn University): panel on Émilie du Châtelet

Oct 12th: Areins Pelayo (University of Illinois) & Kirsten Walsh (University of Exeter): panel on Isaac Newton

Oct 19th (now at regular time 1 PM ET): Charles Goldhaber (University of Pittsburgh), Manuel Vasquez Villavicencio (University of Toronto), Anik Waldow (University of Sydney) & Margaret Watkins (Seattle Pacific University): Skepticism and the Passions in Hume’s Philosophy

Oct 26th: Ovidiu Babeș (University of Bucharest) & Monica Solomon (Bilkent University): Early Modern Correspondence and Open-Ended Inquiries Therein

Nov 2nd (Daylight saving time ends in Europe): Luka Boršić (Institute of Philosophy, Zagreb) & Eva Del Soldato (University of Pennsylvania): panel on Plato’s reception & Patrizi

Nov 9th (Daylight saving time ends in US): Corinna Guerra (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice), Marie-Louise Leonard (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice), Pietro Daniel Omodeo (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice) & Jonathan Regier (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice): Risk in Early Modern Philosophy and Science

Nov 16th: Olivia Branscum (Columbia University), Sofía Calvente (Universidad Nacional de La Plata) & Natalia Strok (Universidad de Buenos Aires): panel on Ralph Cudworth, Anne Conway and Catharine Trotter Cockburn

Nov 23rd: Roger Ariew (University of South Florida), Elodie Cassan (ENS Lyon), Sorana Corneanu (University of Bucharest), Rodolfo Garau (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice): Logic and Methodology in the Early Modern Period. A discussion on the occasion of the Perspectives on Science special issue (vol. 29:3; 2021)

Nov 30th: Ovidiu Achim (University of Bucharest), Vlad Alexandrescu (University of Bucharest) & Georgiana Hedesan (University of Oxford): Van Helmont and Cantemir’s Views on the Being of Time

Dec 7th: Vincenzo De Risi (CNRS & Max-Planck-Gesellschaft) & David Rabouin (CNRS): panel on 17th century mathematics



June 9: Katherine Brading (Duke University) and Marius Stan (Boston College): “How Physics Flew the Philosophers’ Nest”

June 16: Justin E.H. Smith (Paris VII): “Leibniz, Thomasius, and Capitein on Freedom and Slavery”

June 23: Carla Rita Palmerino (Radboud University Nijmegen): “On the Heuristic and Polemical Function of Early Modern Thought Experiments”

June 30th: Ori Belkind (Tel Aviv University), Elodie Cassan (ENS Lyon), Dan Garber (Princeton University) and Dana Jalobeanu (University of Bucharest): How to Read Bacon’s Novum Organum Book II (panel)

July 7: Barnaby Hutchins (Ghent University): “Metaphysical gap-patching: Descartes on why there is no mind–body problem” & Ohad Nachtomy (Bar-Ilan University) and Oberto Marrama (Bar-Ilan University): “Spinoza On The Capacities of the Body and the Wonders of the Mind” (panel Mind and Body in Descartes and Spinoza)

July 14: Gideon Manning (Claremont Graduate University & Cedars-Sinai Medical Center): “False Images Do Not Lie: Anatomy, Mechanism, and Teleology in Descartes’s Physiology”

July 21: Scott Mandelbrote (University of Cambridge): “Connectedness and Disconnectedness in the History of Philosophy: Or, how we’ve pulled Isaac Newton apart and whether we should put him back together again…”

July 28: Jonathan Regier (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice): “The Philosophy of Threat: Girolamo Cardano and the Roman Inquisition” & David McOmish (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice): “A Venetian network and the reform of education in early modern Edinburgh: The Case of Patrick Sands and his Paduan Circle” (panel Italian Affairs)

FALL 2020

September 8: Yitzhak Melamed (Johns Hopkins University): “Spinoza on causa sui

September 15: Charles T. Wolfe (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice): “Problems in the History of Materialism” and Omar Del Nonno (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice): “Spinoza’s Account of Imagination and the Baconian Legacy” (panel Problems in the History of Materialism)

September 22: Enrico Pasini (University of Turin/ILIESI): “Philosophical Poetry in the Early Modern Period”

September 29: Panel on Early Modern Wonder. Panel chair: Alex Douglas (University of St. Andrews). Panel papers: Daniel Samuel (Warburg Institute): “Before Wonder: Pre-Cartesian Taxonomies of the Passions.” Lauren Slater (Birkbeck College): “Descartes on Wonder’s Stupor.” Gabriella Wyer (Birkbeck College): “Malebranche on the Uses and Abuses of Wonder.” Steph Marston (Birkbeck College): “Wonder as an Epistemic Hinge in Spinoza.” Richard Elliott (Birkbeck College): “How Wonder Relates to Heidegger’s Critique of Cartesian Philosophy”

October 6: Raz Chen Morris (Hebrew University of Jerusalem): “From Renaissance Shadows to Baroque Refractions” & Mattia Mantovani (KU Leuven): “The Institution of Nature. Descartes on Human Perception” (panel Optics and Perception in Kepler and Descartes)

October 13: Richard Arthur (McMaster University): “Form, Force and Motion in Leibniz’s Physics”, Dan Garber (Princeton University): “Is Leibniz’s Physics Consistent with his Monadology?”, Christian Henkel (University of Groningen): “Reconciling Physics and Metaphysics in Leibniz’ Philosophy”, Anne-Lise Rey (Université Paris Nanterre): “Dynamics, Action, and Monads in Leibniz’s Physics” (panel Leibniz: Metaphysical Physics or Physical Metaphysics?)

October 20: Christoph Lüthy (Radboud University, Nijmegen): “How Lucian’s ‘True Story’ Became True in the Seventeenth Century. And False.”

October 27: Salvatore Carannante (University of Pisa): “‘On the divine law’. Facets of law in Spinoza’s TTP IV”, Claudia Dumitru (Princeton University): “Equality and Private Judgment in Hobbes’s State of Nature” & Dan Garber (Princeton University): “Human Nature and Civil Society: Hobbes vs. Spinoza” (panel Reason, Passions and Law in Hobbes and Spinoza)

November 3: Igor Agostini (University of Salento): “Sense and Imagination in Meditation II” & Hanoch Ben-Yami (Central European University): “Language, Sign and Representation in Descartes” (panel Descartes: Language, Sense and Imagination)

November 10: Graham Clay (University of Notre-Dame): “Hume Should Deny the Law of Excluded Middle” & Michael Jacovides (Purdue University): ‘The Anti-Catholic Background to Hume’s Essay on Miracles” (panel David Hume: Miracles and Logic)

November 17: Filip Buyse (University of Oxford): “Spinoza and Johannes Müller: How the Dutch Philosopher Inspired the German Father of Contemporary Physiology” & Benjamin Goldberg (University of South Florida): “Notions of Experience in Early Modern Anatomy and Pharmacy”

November 24: Jonathan Head (Keele University), Jasper Reid (King’s College London) & Natalia Strok (University of Buenos Aires): round table on Conway

December 1: Alexandru Liciu (University of Bucharest), Hanna Szabelska (Jagiellonian University), Doina-Cristina Rusu (University of Groningen): joint session on experiments of light

December 8: Ryan Darr (Princeton University) & Dana Jalobeanu (University of Bucharest: joint session on friendship and the divine in Seneca and Shaftesbury


Feb 2nd: Delphine Antoine-Mahut (IHRIM, ENS de Lyon), Leo Catana (Copenhagen), Mogens Lærke (CNRS, Maison Française d’Oxford): Studies in the History of the History of Philosophy. A discussion on occasion of the BJHP special issue Historiographies of Philosophy 1800-1950 (vol. 28:3, 2020).

Feb 9th: Alessandro Becchi (Independent scholar, Florence), Osvaldo Ottaviani (University of Milan): Leibniz on Corporeal Substance and Organism: Between A Priori Reasoning and Empirical Evidence

Feb 16th: Karen Detlefsen (University of Pennsylvania), Daria Drozdova (HSE University, Moscow), Chike Jeffers (Dalhousie University), Lisa Shapiro (Simon Fraser University): Exclusion and Inclusion in the History of Philosophy

Feb 23rd: Paul Richard Blum (Loyola University Maryland), Elisabeth Blum (Palacký University Olomouc), Tomáš Nejeschleba (Palacký University Olomouc), Martin Žemla (Charles University, Prague): Panpsychism in the Renaissance

March 2nd: Laura Kotevska (University of Sydney) and Raffi Krut-Landau (University of Pennsylvania): Parallel Influences: Ancient Greek Geometry in the Port-Royal Logic and Spinoza’s Ethics

March 9th: Julie Walsh (Wellesley College) and Eric Stencil (Utah Valley University): “‘Say not that you are a light unto yourself’: Seventeenth Century Conceptions of Humility in Epistemology and Politics

March 16th: Anna Corrias (University of Toronto), Matthew Leisinger (York University), Marleen Rozemond (University of Toronto): panel on Ralph Cudworth

March 23rd: Mihnea Dobre (University of Bucharest), Andreas Hüttemann (Köln University), Nicholas Westberg (Boston College): panel on Descartes and Cartesianism

March 30th: Luis Ramos-Alarcón (UACM), Jack Stetter (Loyola University New Orleans), Jacob Zellmer (University of California, San Diego): panel on Spinoza

April 6th: Stephanie Koerner (Liverpool University), Susanna Cecilia Berger (USC), Glenn W. Most (University of Chicago), Edward Wouk (University of Manchester):  Picturing Wonder – Rendering the Counter-Intuitive Visible in Early Modern Philosophy

April 13th: Jonathan Egid (King’s College London), Dwight Lewis (University of Central Florida: panel on Anton Wilhelm Amo and Zera Yacob

April 20th: Sorana Corneanu (University of Bucharest), Dana Jalobeanu (University of Bucharest), Paul Lodge (University of Oxford): Hadot, Spiritual Exercises, and Philosophy as a Way of Life

April 27th: J. Brian Pitts (University of Cambridge) & Andrew Chignell (Princeton University): Leibniz on Laws and Spiritual Causation

May 4th: Oana Matei (Vasile Goldis Western University of Arad) and Fabrizio Baldassarri (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice): Plants in Early Modern Natural Philosophy: Mechanico/Chymical Investigations